Tips to transform your contact center into a sales center

For most companies sales and customer service used to be separate. Today, however, contact centers are used to provide both service to existing customers and promote or sell products to the customers or just any callers. By using the right approach, skilled agents can convert an inquiry into sales. Since this process requires some technical means, Genesys call center solutions have gained much popularity.

Listed below are a few handy tips that can be helpful in turning a contact center into means of profit generation.

Careful Recruitment Process

Contact center agents play critical role in contact center’s success and, ultimately, contact center viability. Agent recruitment process should be effective to ensure that only qualified candidates with the right aptitude and experience are selected. The qualities a contact center agent should possess are resilience, motivation, analytical skills, deductive reasoning, and ability to handle problems quickly. They should also be good at picking up new skills at their workspace.

Proper In-Depth Training

In contact centers newly recruited agents, as well as any employees, go through training before they are able to fully participate in daily operations. The training, however, has to be quite in-depth and it should be presented to the agents in the right way. In addition to theoretical side of the learning process, simulation of real-life contact center operations can be used to enforce effective training. Studying recorded calls can also be very useful.

Monitoring Operations

Contact center agents are human after all, and at times they can make mistakes owing to stress, tiredness and other factors. Performance monitoring system should be in place in order to catch and fix the mistakes as soon as they occur. This can be done through digital surveillance and also on the human level. Monitoring, however, should not be done in a way that would disrupt the normal workflow. One of the options for monitoring performance is to do it by using Genesys contact center solutions provided by companies like Miratech.

Proper Scheduling

Usually contact centers operate around the clock. At the same time, agents need to have properly balanced schedule in order to be able to perform at the peak of their abilities. Occasionally, longer shifts may become a necessity, so they should be balanced out with proper break time, followed by adequate rest time.

Using Suitable IVR Solution

Without proper and customizable IVR solutions contact center agents can quickly because overloaded. An IVR solution can be used to simplify call handling and reduce agents’ workload. An IVR system can be used to rout calls based on conditions. It is also useful when handling the excess of callers in peak hours. IVR solution can be integrated with existing in-house software applications to streamline workflows. It should also be light on resources. Genesys software and related contact center solutions can help a call center to scale its presence.

Using Feedback to Advantage

Caller feedback is highly important for contact centers. Feedback from customers or just from any callers can be used to improve different aspects of contact center operations, as well as company operations in general.