Website SEO and Mobile-Friendliness: Factors to Consider

We live in a dynamic world and gone were the days when we only browse the web through desktop computers. These days, more and more people are using their mobile devices to find services and products online. That is why websites need to be mobile-friendly. This means it has the correct display for handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Having a mobile-friendly website increases your chances of getting your pages visible on the first page of search results. This is the reason mobile-friendliness is an important aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO). Also, a mobile-friendly website has reduced scrolling, loads faster, is easy to navigate, and does not use flash. Making your site mobile-friendly makes it visible to a wider audience. To make your website accessible to mobile users, providers of seo services singapore agree that you must pay attention to the following:

Ease of Use

People visit your website to find information, product, or services fast. Making it easy to navigate helps them achieve their goals and feel satisfied. Nobody wants to stay on a site and revisit it if it’s difficult to explore.

Website Efficiency

An efficient website allows visitors to easily and quickly complete common tasks on mobile devices. Also, it is important to ensure your visitors have unified experience across all platforms.


Picking a design, theme, or template that is consistent across all devices is important. This is where website responsiveness comes into the picture. With a responsive website, pages make use of the same code and URL for both desktop and mobile devices. The display will change depending on the device’s screen size.

Making your website mobile-friendly is important for both your audience and search engines. Google makes it a rule to rank only responsive websites as they focus on giving their users positive user experience.